Frequenlty Asked Questions.

It depends on the type of order and the circumstances. An order can only be cancelled if it is not yet started.Please Be reasonable!
Yes, it is! QQSUMO doesn't share with or sell customer information to any third party, and we limit information shared internally as well. All employees and contractors sign explicit non-disclosure agreements, as well, so they're barred from sharing your information to anyone outside of authorized staff.
Sort of. We have Direct Bank Payment option directly on our website but it is only enabled when you have an account and must submit a ticket for the option.However, you can pay with a Bank Account via PayPal. Simply connected your bank account to PayPal and select your bank as your payment method when you checkout via PayPal.
Yes, you may. Simply select the BitCoin/CryptoCurrency option at checkout and you'll be directed to our CryptoCurrency payment partner (Dirhamcart*), where you can pay with BitCoin.
We apologize, and our team works hard 24 Hours a day/7 Days a week to make sure this never happens. If it does, contact our [support team] right away and we'll do our very best to resolve the problem, talking you through it step by step if necessary. If your problem is complex, or simply not easy to describe, please take a screenshot of the issue and upload it to Imgur (https://imgur.com/upload) and send us the link along with a detailed description of what happened. We will fix the issue ASAP (and we will likely issue you a discount)!
We strive to provide the most reliable service possible. Aside from constantly improving our services and network, we include a Retention Guarantee for free. If you lose any of what we delivered (for example, Followers, Likes, Views, or Subscribers) let us know. If you're within our warranty, we'll replace it for free! You can request your replacements by simply creating a ticket.
Most of our services include a 100% Money Back Guarantee, which means if we don’t deliver, we will provide a full refund. There are some exceptions to this, so please read our terms of service. However, if you feel we have not kept our promise in delivering your order, you may request a full or partial refund here.
We have over 50K+ satisfied customers who think so.
You can read what they say about us in the review section.
Here are a few things that set us apart:
1. We never ask for your Social Media login information or password.
2. You can checkout securely with popular payment methods including All Major Credit Cards, Debit/ATM Cards, Bitcoins & PayPal.
3. We offer a 100% Money Back Guarantee if we are unable to complete your order.
4. Our services include a Retention Guarantee, to ensure results are long-term.
We offer a 100% Money-Back Guarantee if you're not satisfied with our service (some restrictions apply). Our main goal is always to keep you completely happy from start to finish.
QQSUMO is a U.S.-based social media marketing company. We are passionate about delivering natural and real fast engagements. Our company was founded in 2013, so we have many more years' experience than anyone else in the industry. We're dedicated to boosting our customers' online performance, constantly improving our services, and our results are guaranteed. We are proud of our customer support, which is the most professional and responsive in the business.
If there is a drop off within specific(see details on the guaranteed) days from the completion of your order, we always redeliver. We commit ourselves to our part but work hard on managing your social profiles with best practices.

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